Saturday, March 18, 2017

UP results and Yogi Adityanath

I follow politics and BJP quite closely but I never really cared for Yogi Adityanath before, and my opinion was pretty much in line with what was shown in MSM. And I honestly admit that I am shocked to see that he is chosen as the CM for the state. Equally shocked to discover that he is a 44 year old guy who is already a 5 time elected MP. Not a lot of media's favorite "youth" leaders can match that kind of popularity on ground. My first reading was that, this has to be single most massive gamble taken by BJP. After just a couple of hours of frantic googling and research I am not sure if I feel the same way.

Few points that come to mind on how the politics will play out with Yogi Adityanath in UP:

1. Yogi will keep the media obsessed for next two years which means a disproportional attention to everything he does. Think Gujarat from 2002 - I am a great believer that the obsession of media with modi and attacks on him made him a bigger leader. Because even the smallest positive action taken by him got more attention that it would have gotten otherwise. Same will happen with Yogi. And that leads to further consolidation of party's hindutva support base. And to certain extent, it helps with the class consolidation that Modi has been trying his hand at, as evident from demonetization. Cant blame Modi to play that game. 2019 will be practically Modi Vs entire opposition consolidated. He would be stupid to not consolidate his own support to tip beyond that important 50% mark.

2. Yogi will actually be stronger on law and order, and corruption. You can call him communal all you want, but his "yogi" (ascetic) image comes with a sort of integrity which appeals to masses. If he can project himself as someone who is working for infrastructure and jobs also, I think he could become a formidable force in UP.

3. Wont call this a masterstroke but wont call it a gamble either. I guess there weren't any safe options for BJP. A Rajnath or a Maurya would have been a status quo, but Yogi presents a unique opportunity for BJP to sell Hindutva in a positive way to the entire nation and demolish the pseudo secularism and divisive politics for good. Lets see which way it swings for BJP.

Of course all this happens only if Yogi Adityanath doesn't commit any blunder and BJP is vigilant in the state for any sort of violence that could be incited to change the narrative against Yogi/BJP.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Comeback

The moment of truth has come knocking today. India won the World Cup and deservedly so. Team India has never been so consistent ever before. The fielding was brilliant in some of the games and much better than previous World Cups in all the matches. The batting has been established as the best in the world without dispute. And, therefore, I thought today would be the best day to make a come back. It truely is a crazily fabulous moment. So here I am. Congratulations all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to Revive BJP?

After reading much on this widely discussed topic in media, I am finally writing on it, triggered by this article on ANTIDOTE.

Congress has messed up so much in this country and at so many levels and for so long that it should actually be an advantage for BJP. It can leverage on all these pseudo socialistic policies and inefficient governance in the name of rural development and now "social inclusion". But it's not so easy. It needs a certain level of awareness at the lowest level of society. It requires people to understand how economy works and what opportunities exist if the markets are opened up and the governance is made more efficient. Again, it's not so easy. Each community needs to understand what is there for them in it and what are they missing now and why. BJP will have to sell this dream. In fact, it will have to not only sell it but make them realize how the current systems and policies are doing just the opposite. E.g. how NREGA is counter-productive and is doing more harm to economy than good. Instead building of roads, land reforms, and better irrigation, storage and transportation facilities will facilitate more earning and develop villages into towns and eventually cities. The party will have to develop a road map to implement these initiatives. Big work. How will it accomplish this? Where are the resources? I can't answer that. But if BJP has to survive, it will not only have to survive but also kill the competition.

Second issue is Hindutva. We all know BJP is in process of defining its Hindutva ideology and its taking forever. The trick is to also define the Congress' version of secularism up against Hindutva. Again, not only define but draw a picture of what's in it for everyone. It may have to go one step ahead and articulate how Hindutva is not a religious concept but more than that. It will have to clearly define what Hindutva includes and what it does not include. Needless to say, religious fanatism will have no place here. BJP will have to redefine the principle of Hindutva to mean libertarianism, progress and an Indian Society that works towards a goal; to make India what it should be, strong and prosperous India. The timing for BJP is most opportune to accomplish this. It has lost two elections back to back. There is need to revive the party in a new way. It can easily do away with ideologies that didn't work for it.

You might argue that the party can't just do away with its core principles. Here I want BJP to learn from the Congress. No matter what Congress does, it plays excellent politics. That's what BJP will have to do. And it will all be for a good reason.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Marine Drive is my favorite place in Mumbai. And that's my favourite view above. It inspires me a little. The little blue dot is my Bank's logo shining on top of its building. :)

I also went for a drive down the much talked about Worli Bandra Sea Link today. I was expecting a smooth drive at least at 11.30 at night but no, there was crazy traffic. Probably it would ease out once toll is charged. But today it left me unimpressed. Moreover it wont really solve Mumbai's problem until it completes the construction of all its lanes. Until then there will be temporory dividers and people taking U turns and halting traffic etc. Here's one picture that I took of the engineering feat sealink (dont know why I did that! May be beacuse the side bars didnt shine enough for a brand new bridge and I got a feeling that the Rs.1600 crs were not completely used for the poor bridge and lot of it went into people's pockets!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sibal’s Super Solution

Congress is just too good at this. Can't solve the solution of providing quality education to everyone? Because that requires allowing private investment in education; that requires more institutes; more courses; more teachers; more infrastructure. So what is the solution? Let's just scrap the damn exam! That ought to reduce the stress!!

What his foolish supporters do not understand is that it's not the exam that's causing the stress. It's the lack of opportunities available after the exam that's causing it. Seats in good colleges are only sufficient for the students with 95%+. It's a do or die situation. Anything less than 95% and u can say good bye to your dream colleges which in most likelihood would be handful of colleges across the country.

I am not really opposing the grading system. But I just think there are bigger issues at hand that need immediate attention rather than this populist measure.