Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year there have been many bomb blasts across the country. So many that we had lost our sensitivity for these blasts. Even the media lost its interest. People just took blasts as something which is part of their lives. Terrorists were not getting enough footage. So they have reinvented themselves. After more than 21 hours of terror, I can say this is something we have never seen before. Media have set up their second homes in all critical locations. Mumbai, the city which can never be stopped has indeed stopped.

I just hope it does not stop at the media circus and we, as a country, don't get used to this kind of terrorism too. I hope it's a wake up call for the authorities to realize the state of our security system. Because this brazen open attack by terrorists out in the open is an evidence of their confidence to breach our country's security in any way they want as opposed to placing bombs and remotely detonating them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Job taken too seriously!

Dieting has never been my thing. I love food too much to avoid it. But getting into shape is something I want to do without any sacrifices. And that's when I see my best friend's wedding as an excuse to get back in shape. I have to get a saari-wearable figure in 2 weeks time. So I decided to carry out a gymming marathon for 2 weeks. Yesterday I told my trainer that I mean business. I have to have flat…. umm tummy… in 2 weeks straight.

I think he has taken his job too seriously. He made me do weird crunches for every muscle in my body. I just limped back to my apartment. Fingers are the only thing I can move now which is why I am typing - the only thing I can do without going ooh aah ouch! I hope in I am alive after 2 weeks and have a tummy to put my food into.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pod, Pain, Poverty and P*rn!!!

I have a meeting at Belapur today. As I climb down the bridge to Matunga Central station, busy listening to my ipod, I couldn't help but notice the stark difference between western stations and central ones. The crowd is different. The occupations are different. Even the digital displays are older and about to fall off the roof, which itself has not been repaired in last 50 years. All in all it was a different world just a bridge away from the western line station. Anyone who has visited Mumbai once will know that the city is divided into haves and haves not by west and east along this long coastal cosmopolitan city.

While I'm waiting for my train,I read my newspaper which tells me about the elitist problems in the finances of the richest street in the world. I just look up to see if the train is arriving and right in front of me beyond the railing I see this woman taking bath. Out of the nala water (open waste/sewage line) which was flowing beside the railway track!!! I don't know what to feel, disgusted or sympathetic. The woman is topless in front of a child (and 100s of passengers at the station) and having bath in waste water. She has a plastic polybag which she is using to fill that yellow water and pour on to her naked body. The child is brushing his teeth with that water. All this was a jolt out of my ipod and my economic paper.

Oh now the lady is now talking. To four other women. All topless and coming to take a bath! It's a sad scene. I am getting goose bumps while I am watching them. And I looked around hoping to see no one staring at them. Apparently, it was not a sad scene anymore. It was a porn show being watched by 200 men and one woman. Oops, time to turn my back to this whole scene as I was the only female gawking in that direction. All others were already looking the other way.

And just like that, I was again jolted back to my ipod and my paper. I am looking forward to the meeting where I am going to discuss our data requirements with my IT department.

Doesn't it make you realise how each minute and each second that is wasted in the name corruption and sheer laziness of our policy making agencies, our government, and our bureaucrats is injustice or rather cruelty to human life? And even if we manage to do it all right and perfect, will this particular woman ever have her own bathroom IN HER LIFETIME? With a confidence level of 99.9999999% I can reject this hypothesis. And I feel what I am reading in the newspaper is all so rubbish and meaningless. Even as an avid supporter (or rather fanatic) of free markets, at this second I wish if only our government could just give them money to build their houses and bathrooms. If only.