Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Job taken too seriously!

Dieting has never been my thing. I love food too much to avoid it. But getting into shape is something I want to do without any sacrifices. And that's when I see my best friend's wedding as an excuse to get back in shape. I have to get a saari-wearable figure in 2 weeks time. So I decided to carry out a gymming marathon for 2 weeks. Yesterday I told my trainer that I mean business. I have to have flat…. umm tummy… in 2 weeks straight.

I think he has taken his job too seriously. He made me do weird crunches for every muscle in my body. I just limped back to my apartment. Fingers are the only thing I can move now which is why I am typing - the only thing I can do without going ooh aah ouch! I hope in I am alive after 2 weeks and have a tummy to put my food into.

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