Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sibal’s Super Solution

Congress is just too good at this. Can't solve the solution of providing quality education to everyone? Because that requires allowing private investment in education; that requires more institutes; more courses; more teachers; more infrastructure. So what is the solution? Let's just scrap the damn exam! That ought to reduce the stress!!

What his foolish supporters do not understand is that it's not the exam that's causing the stress. It's the lack of opportunities available after the exam that's causing it. Seats in good colleges are only sufficient for the students with 95%+. It's a do or die situation. Anything less than 95% and u can say good bye to your dream colleges which in most likelihood would be handful of colleges across the country.

I am not really opposing the grading system. But I just think there are bigger issues at hand that need immediate attention rather than this populist measure.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Theatrical Debut

A few months ago I got an sms which read “Audition for an English play – Dreamsellers. if you are interested please drop in at so-and-so place on so-and-so date”. I was intrigued to no end. Was it fraud? Where have we reached with mobile technology? It was one of those days where in was in mood for the not-so-ordinary (actually I always am!). So I called up to find out what exactly the deal was. A gentleman picked up who was himself a banker (there’s 1 point) and was directing the play and putting up a show with non actors. It was a comedy play. Me playing funny? I liked that (1 more point). Well then I googled this dude. Seems like he did have a few shows to his credit and been into this thing for quite sometime now (1 more point).

But I thought nah… Play? Theatre? Me? But on the day of audition I decided in the evening to just go and have some fun at the audition. Will I ever get a chance to do something so crazy? Can the comedienne in me do it? Can I be Rachel (me - a Friends Maniac)? may be.. lets just see… Well the audition went extraordinarily well. I was too thrilled. And I was in. I was in for Dreamsellers!!

My role? I am this young consultant who has a secret crush (which I make public and not subtly either) on her supposedly married boss who is also sleeping with his secretary. And my client has a crush on me. So there are big misunderstandings, hiding in boss’ closet and getting caught and suchlike events. My director told me I was playing the smart lady in the play. But my character turns down a job with a package of Rs.5crs per annum (FIVE CRORES!!!). So I am thinking, not so smart!

Play was on 31st May. And the days leading up to it have been an experience in itself. Met some really nice people. Mostly different people! Different from people I am used to. I am getting regular sms for “auditions” now. I guess I am out there in the “theatre circle” now!! :P

Below are some picture from the play. Don’t I look like Rachel? Oh I knew you would say yes. Thank you thank you!