Friday, March 6, 2009

Faboddity :O

They call it retail therapy. For girls mostly; one of the major mood elevators is shopping. That's true for me too. You would be picturing me shopping crazy for dresses, tops, etc. That's where the twist is. I love shopping; but GROCERY. I noticed it recently. I simply love going to a grocery megastore and do a cost benefit analysis, analyze the varieties, the sizes, their marketing strategies and then zeroing in on something I like. I like to take out good amount of time when I have to shop for grocery because I like to analyze every product even if it's not on my list. Not that I don't like shopping clothes but its too much work; trying out clothes in suffocating changing rooms, bad hair; they just kill the fun. Bags and shoes are better but nothing beats good old grocery!

Yes, I am starting a section for the weird oddities in all of us and life in general! So do you have some weird but cute habit which you would rather not abandon?