Saturday, April 18, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

So I have been tagged Ani. And I need to list 25 random things about myself. It's funny that this happens just after I start the 'faboddity' section. So here it goes. Let me start with the one that you already know.

  1. I like grocery shopping more than shopping for clothes (I am a girl!)
  2. My world is black and white. Most of the times I can work out binary logic to everything. I don't like the grey areas.
  3. I hate conventions. I hate traditions for traditions sake.
  4. My favorite show during childhood was "I dream of Jeannie" and I almost believed that one day I might find a Jeannie of my own.
  5. My favorite blogger is Greatbong.
  6. My recent favorite movie is Gulaal. I am completely floored by its music. I am completely in love with Piyush Mishra. And I hate people who admire rubbish of a movie like Slumdog and can't appreciate an Indian movie like Gulaal. On a scale of Slumdog Oscar, Gulaal would win 100 oscars.
  7. I work out only to be able to eat fatty food free of guilt. I am a complete foodie.
  8. I like to engage in new activities. I am rehearsing for a play these days. it's an English comedy. Unfortunately they have dance sequences in it. And I have discovered that I have two left feet when it comes to coordinated dancing. Oh, by the way, you are all invited to watch me make a fool of myself.
  9. I don't find bald men unattractive (what's wrong with me?). Infact I think I have a thing for them. ;)
  10. I am a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. maniac. I want a Ross for myself.
  11. I think Laloo Prasad Yadav should be our PM. God, think of the entertainment! But the political ideology which I would like to support is that of libertarianism and capitalism. I wish we had such a party. Meanwhile I support BJP.
  12. I like people who have the guts to be politically incorrect.
  13. My latest crush is Arnab Goswami, the news anchor of times now. He is good! My first crush was Byomkesh Bakshi. And I just realized they are both in TV. Shucks!
  14. I love everything about Mumbai, except its humid weather.
  15. And I hate Vodka (gasp!).
  16. I like to read my newspaper FRESH. As in no one else should have read it before me. I like the fresh crease and enjoy reading it in the loo.
  17. I like to keep my laptop, memory drives, music, magazines, books and some food just at an arm's distance. So you'll find my bedroom arranged in perfect ergonomic manner to be able to reach all this with minimal effort.
  18. I can only run. I don't know how to swim or fly.
  19. My quote – "Live a Life to Remember!"
  20. I am not religious.
  21. I am not allergic to anything. And somehow I like to sneeze. It eases a lot of tension.
  22. Biggest phobia I have is of marriage. Do they have a name for that phobia?
  23. I think IPL is a revolution. Last year I blogged it here. I thought it was a superb mix of cricket and economics. This year I think it's become a heady cocktail of cricket, economics, bollywood along with globalization. Simply mind-blowing and something great, which stands out amidst everything that seem to be going wrong with Indian economy and politics today. I do wish our country had the political will to conduct the game in this country.
  24. My first career ambition was to become a mad scientist. Not just a scientist, mind you. A mad one.
  25. I love Google. My secret career ambition is to work for it.

I hope I have managed to bore you all enough. Let me now tag my friends Arnab, Kartik, Preeti, Sam & Sreejit.