Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a ridiculous IDEA, Sirji!

I always thought that IDEA's television ad was irritating at some level. An IDEA can change your life. What relevance does it have with the product? What is so innovative about this service provider? Its public image is no more than a second fiddle to Airtel. The whole "what an IDEA sirji!" is even more irritating. And the fact that they use political revolution as the backdrop for selling a sim card can only be described as self delusion.

As if their marketing concept was not irritating enough, their new ad harps on how socialist and poverty driven our economy is. There's a contactor who proposes to the Mantri (minister) to build a shopping mall in khet (agricultural land literally – but I guess they are referring to village as a whole). Here the IDEA man Abhishek Bachchan suggests that janta needs to be asked about their opinion. So he sends sms to all the janta (using IDEA!! Voila!!!) for their opinion. And as if to pacify the communists in India, all the poor farmers seem to be dead against it. Only one man sitting in car in a suit is positive for the shopping mall.

WTF. Do you really think villagers would not like to have their own shopping mall. Infact, they would want everything that a city people enjoy. This kind of psyche is precisely why economic reform in our country is almost a mission impossible. It is so ingrained in us that logical thinking has taken a backseat even in a completely irrelevant ad. With the same concept, it could have been the other way round where the minister says we can't have a shopping mall in khet and the public votes positive for it. Would have been the same irritating ad but at least they would have gotten their economics right!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Guilty, Your Honor!

Lawyers are defending the right to represent terror suspects. For Kasab. First things first; Kasab is not a "suspect". He was caught red handed, for God's sake!

But then they say that everyone has a right to self defense. Agreed; like the lawyer puts it, we can't possibly conduct a national sms poll to decide the fate of Kasab. He has to be tried. But what amuses me is what Kasab's defense lawyer is going to defend him on?

"your honor, yeh ek garib aadmi hai. LeT ke behkawe mein aake 60 logon ko mar diya. He is not guilty your honor!" or if I apply my movie law education – "your honor, isne apna dimaagi santulan kho diya tha. VT station par inhone jo kuch kiya wo sab apne hosho awaaz mein nahi kiya. Your honor, mein appeal karta hoon ki inhe asylum mein treatment diya jaye. Your honor, he is not guilty, he is bimar".

I don't have legal education. But I doubt if there's anything that the defense lawyer can do. And if he can, I am kinda scared.