Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Guilty, Your Honor!

Lawyers are defending the right to represent terror suspects. For Kasab. First things first; Kasab is not a "suspect". He was caught red handed, for God's sake!

But then they say that everyone has a right to self defense. Agreed; like the lawyer puts it, we can't possibly conduct a national sms poll to decide the fate of Kasab. He has to be tried. But what amuses me is what Kasab's defense lawyer is going to defend him on?

"your honor, yeh ek garib aadmi hai. LeT ke behkawe mein aake 60 logon ko mar diya. He is not guilty your honor!" or if I apply my movie law education – "your honor, isne apna dimaagi santulan kho diya tha. VT station par inhone jo kuch kiya wo sab apne hosho awaaz mein nahi kiya. Your honor, mein appeal karta hoon ki inhe asylum mein treatment diya jaye. Your honor, he is not guilty, he is bimar".

I don't have legal education. But I doubt if there's anything that the defense lawyer can do. And if he can, I am kinda scared.

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  1. There is no need of a trial and wastage of Govt money. Just extract all that you can from him in terms of information. And then let a fast track court do the needful. And let him hang soon..