Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year there have been many bomb blasts across the country. So many that we had lost our sensitivity for these blasts. Even the media lost its interest. People just took blasts as something which is part of their lives. Terrorists were not getting enough footage. So they have reinvented themselves. After more than 21 hours of terror, I can say this is something we have never seen before. Media have set up their second homes in all critical locations. Mumbai, the city which can never be stopped has indeed stopped.

I just hope it does not stop at the media circus and we, as a country, don't get used to this kind of terrorism too. I hope it's a wake up call for the authorities to realize the state of our security system. Because this brazen open attack by terrorists out in the open is an evidence of their confidence to breach our country's security in any way they want as opposed to placing bombs and remotely detonating them.


  1. i quite agree with u.. this display of irreverant terror.. in the heart of the heart of the nation.. in the presence of the whos who of society.. in the iconic landmarks of the city.. is unprecedented!

    postmortems are great source of learnings, but the feet that wear the shoe feel the pain.. my prayers with those affected

  2. It seems they are quite succesful in getting across the message.