Sunday, July 5, 2009


Marine Drive is my favorite place in Mumbai. And that's my favourite view above. It inspires me a little. The little blue dot is my Bank's logo shining on top of its building. :)

I also went for a drive down the much talked about Worli Bandra Sea Link today. I was expecting a smooth drive at least at 11.30 at night but no, there was crazy traffic. Probably it would ease out once toll is charged. But today it left me unimpressed. Moreover it wont really solve Mumbai's problem until it completes the construction of all its lanes. Until then there will be temporory dividers and people taking U turns and halting traffic etc. Here's one picture that I took of the engineering feat sealink (dont know why I did that! May be beacuse the side bars didnt shine enough for a brand new bridge and I got a feeling that the Rs.1600 crs were not completely used for the poor bridge and lot of it went into people's pockets!)


  1. You were unimpressed , why but? I am somehow amazed by these construction marvels :D

  2. I think only some Rs 560 crores were spent on the bridge, rest were spent on the approach areas, promenades, etc...which is just another way of lining people's pockets.

  3. Thanks for that figure Nishant. I didn't know the exact figure.