Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I don’t wanna float around in the sky!!

The other day I got a pamphlet from Tata Sky cable (usko laga dala to life jhingalala!!). Anyway, they have these ACTIVE channels where they offer movie on demand, games, cooking and other customized channels. And one of them is ACTIVE Darshan. I got to know that on ACTIVE Darshan you can see temples across India. It’s like “Darshan” sitting in living room. “What a concept!!?? Height of absurdity!!!”, I exclaimed. So a conversation started between me and my colleague. Here it goes:

Colleague: I know. Why can’t they understand that they don’t need a TV to have Darshan at home?

Me: I know. Now what next? Advertisements for Gods and temples? Which God is more popular and listens to more prayers?

Colleague: There will be an option list on TV: which God's Darshan do you want? And a list of Gods.

Me: Are you kidding me? There are thousands of Gods in India. The list would never end. And God forbid (what a pun!) if you leave out one God there will be a community with hurt feelings after you.

Colleague: yeah… But it would be fun! Lets say Lord Vishnu would promise Moksha. And Lord Shiva will sell nirvana………… (Lots of giggling!) What’s the difference by the way?

Me (seriously): yeah what is Moksha? Why do people want Moksha? Life is so much fun.

Colleague: Dude you are a bhogi…you want all luxuries of life… you are like at the lowest level of Maslow’s hierarchy… Think of self actualization.

Me: Hey self actualization still falls IN the life… IN the Maslow’s pyramid. Moksha falls out of the pyramid!!! Why do you want to out of the pyramid?

Colleague: It’s a freedom from suffering that we all get from our boyfriends and bosses. It’s like no responsibility. Only freedom. You have no body, no material, only soul floating around in universe.

Me (yawn): Yaar I would rather sit and watch a movie… I don’t wanna float around in the sky!!!

We had big laugh obviously… then my colleague saw the light of the logic in my argument… “Yeah flying around may have some supernatural fun but I think we are content with normal natural fun!!!”

If the gods heard us, our candidature for Moksha would be forfeited for at least seven lives!!!

Now, seriously, if I start believing that reincarnation happens (which I don’t) and Moksha is getting out of the cycle of life and death, why would I want Moksha? Isn’t life worth the little suffering that we go through? Isn’t the love, pain, laughter, learning and struggle in life worth coming back to? I think it is.

Like Brad Pitt says in Troy, “The Gods envy us!”


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    Me: Hey self actualization still falls IN the life… IN the Maslow’s pyramid. Moksha falls out of the pyramid!!!


  2. No wonder SBI takes so much time to process any request. This is what hold up their highly paid Managers...

    Jokes apart, I guess the if Moksha was the main goal of life then the biggest sufferer would be the Bollywood movies. No one would be re-born to avenge or re-claim their lost love.

    No more 'HAAPPY's ENDING'

  3. and.. how about a reality show with Gods.. Gods gossiping about one another behind their backs.. hidden cameras observing them in candid situations..Lolz!!