Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Idiot Ignorant People

There are two kinds of people; the idiot ignorant people and the idiot ‘aware’ people. I belong to the unfortunate second group. Whenever I goof up, I realize it the next second and then live under the shame of my profane idiocy for the rest of the day or may be even two. And it is times like these when I see the other fortunate group of people who reach the heights of idiocy and yet remain unaware of the total situation. In fact, these are the overconfident ones who think they are the smartest on the planet. Yeah, yeah these are the ones we all make fun of…. But think of the stress free life they lead. Its not like they understand they are being laughed at.

I envy green after these ignorant people. Of the two groups of people, the ignorant group is at a definite advantage…. sigh…


  1. Idiot Ignorant People - 1
    Idiot "Aware" People - 0!

    Good one!
    But actually being an Idiot Ignorant Person makes more sense than an Idiot 'Aware' Person!

  2. Interesting observation!! All said and done, its better to be part of the losing cause atleast we know we are losing, they dont even know they are at an advantageous position.

    Good write up, short n sweet typical Anju...

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  4. This blog surely proves that "ignorance is bliss". These guys are really at an advantage, because they are not bothered about what people say about them, but they carry on doing what they are good at, that is "idiotifying" and spreading the "idioticity"

  5. Totally agree with u.... its better to be ignorant idiot people rather than idiot ignorant people