Sunday, May 4, 2008

Office 2007

I just updated my office. And guess what I found?!? One of the main menu items is "publish blog"!! Do so many people blog? Well, I guess if I can, anyone can!

Oh by the way, I liked the new look. It will take some time to get used to various options but once you do get it, old versions are gonna look prehistoric. But it has slowed down my Mozilla Firefox really bad. I love it too much but I thought of giving Explorer 7 a try. IE 7 is quite good too; I especially like that it softens the font to the comfort of eyes. It has incorporated all Mozilla features and improvised them; although it's a lot more heavier than mozilla. Typical microsoft deal. Mozilla will remain my first love but I'll sacrifice it for blogging from Word.

Update: "internet Explorer cannot open Internet site Operation aborted" This is the message I get when try to open gmail with IE7! And I can open the same in my mozilla at the same moment. Is it a cheap one that Microsoft pulled out or is it some technical error?? Whatever it is, I dislike Microsoft even more.

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