Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Camera, Action!!! ........ But the Lights???

Watched Sarkar Raj today. It was not half as good as original Sarkar and I was not impressed by Abhishek Bachchan's acting too. Aiswarya Rai was as usual so plastic. Plus it was a badly made movie. There are cameras from all weird angles and it was not because it would give an impact to the scene but just for the heck of it. Then there was intolerable "Govinda" chime in all different notes and pitches for different scenes.

Most interesting trivia, which I observed, was that all the scenes were shot in dimly lit rooms. There's only one remote dim source of light from a dingy window, in every damn scene and all the ultra strategic political decisions by heroes and villains were made without seeing each other's face. May be that's the reason the whole movie was about building a power plant for Maharashtra. It was high time there was some light!!


  1. You can have your opinion, and now i will have mine :). To me Sarkar Raj was even better than Sarkar. If somebody has read the book "the godfather" and remembers Michael, he doesnt die, that was a masterstroke from Ramu i guess. The dim light has a significance in the whole movie, it was all about the darker side and it emphasised what was being shown. Aish has done good in whatever limited role she had to play. The govinda theme in background was jus too good, as it carried off from where sarkar had left. all in all i think ramu finally got some sense after horrible "RGV ki aag".

  2. Anju,
    I wudnt compare the two movies, I guess Sarkar was better off, but thats my personal opinion, but then its really daring on Ramu's part to deviate from the God father line and actually kill AB in the movie.
    Well then only an eccentric could have done that.
    I agree with the above comment on the light part as well as the govinda theme.
    For me it was a good movie a welcome change from the KANK and KKHH and KNPH kind of predictable movies.