Thursday, January 29, 2009


Obama is THE President. Obama is THE Hope. Obama is GOD!!! I don't understand this over enthusiasm over Obama, especially in India. News channels covered the sworn-in ceremony live. People are crazily cheering for Obama. I have had people clapping for Obama in my living room, while asking, "So do they have a Prime Minister too?" in the same breath! It was beyond any absurdity…


  1. That is quite normal.Look at Satyam's Raju.
    Astute businessman..genius..making India proud...that was what was written earlier..
    now the newspapers newspaper even said his deeds were known as early as 92!!!
    There is a malayalam saying which when loosely translated reads " God is the one who crowns a person in 2-4 days..God is the one who throws a person down from the throne"..In todays world its the Media who replaces God..

  2. I think that people in India find it much easier to root for Obama than Bush. Since he is son of a citizen from a Third world country,
    and had spent most of his childhood in an Asian country, it is easier to identify with him.

    At the same time, what I simply cannot understand is why our PM had to declare in public that all Indians "deeply love" Bush!!!