Monday, February 23, 2009

Crazily Fabulous or Fabulously Crazy?

When I started to blog sometime last year, those were good days. We were riding the boom. Infact, that's how I named this blog. I thought it were the crazily fabulous times. The IPL had started and it was like the epitome of the great Indian growth story for me. I wanted to capture this mood in my blog. Then the Lehmen fell. Like a pack of cards, all major financial institutions US followed its suit. In less a year, this crisis has grown in such large proportions that a capitalist US has started using words like nationalization. That's drastic.

India also got the hit; first by rampant inflation, and now in the aftermath of US crisis and world at large, we are faced with a steady and steep fall in consumption and jobs. Growth estimates are getting revised downwards almost every month. Not only that, terrorism has taken a life of its own. Whole year had an average of one attack every year with a grand finale in Mumbai. Outside home, there's constant violence in the Middle East. And Taliban is getting closer to home. Only in the late 80s, world saw the end of colonialism. Now barely after 2 decades it seems we are again entering a dark phase of financial depression riddled with terrorism.

Back in home we have a new breed of creatures that go by the name of 'sena' (milder and desi version of Taliban); with utterly twisted sense of culture and nationalism, out there to push our country back in time, as if all these other problems were not enough to meet that objective.

I observed today a few of my earlier posts, which are nothing but cynical comments about everything. That's when I suddenly realized that it's no longer crazily fabulous times; it has turned into fabulously crazy times. Am I being too much of a cynic here? I wish I was!   


  1. When everyone was upbeat everything started to go haywire.
    When eveyone else is in a desolate state of gloom , God is smiling

    Its darkest before the dawn.

    Warren Buffet: Be fearful when everyone is bold.Be bold when everyone is fearful.

  2. Thats a truely interesting observation! It makes me wonder how vulnerable we are the way things move arounnd us. Fortunately, as the common belief goes, it is these troubled times that will open up opportunities too! I dont know if you are being too cynical, but i certainly hope that these opportunities show up soon!

    I feel we are all a part of a very important time in history, let's enjoy it!

  3. You started the blog and things started going wrong?!!

    So then stop blogging right away or else I will send the "Sene" after you!

  4. Thinking in the same line, say, in case the super power ( anymore?;) ) dies, it could breath life into a new set of perverted midget nations who can pose a big threat to the simple existenec of others.. with all those nukes and killer technologies in the wrong hands with no one to control .. probably it can trigger another world war ..

    Hey, Just to scare you, ne'er mind! and I too cant agree more.. good observation; But mind you, it seems from Q3 onwards the recession has started meeting an early death, or rather looks like.. who knows, another bubble is in the making... well, lets hope fer the best!
    Keep writing!