Friday, February 27, 2009

OH... MY… GOD… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTFness has scaled new heights. I refrained from writing about Slumdog Millionnaire so far even when my blogger friends made it perfectly clear that not writing about Slumdog is like a crime in blogosphere. But UPA has forced me to. Of all the people who would want a piece of Oscar, our government was the least expected.

"In an unmistakable resonance of the previous NDA government's `India Shining' slogan, Congress floated the idea of an `achieving India' and listed among the milestones the Indo-US nuclear deal, Chandrayaan, near 9% growth and the total sweep of the Oscars." – TOI

But of course they are right; if UPA was not there, could we have sustained the poverty on which they could make a movie? Duh….. I mean aren't our politicians at least adults. How could anyone make such comments I simply fail to understand.

Apparently someone also said it is "a film of India, for India, by India"?!?!? Gasp! Gasp! Cant take more WTFness…


  1. Ha ha ha, never mind these are not new things. When Rehman won the Oscars all the ppl wanted to take a share of the pie. Good that Congress is thinking to fight the election on development and progress plank, coz certainly we are nt blind and we can see progress and developmnent only in terms of minority appeasement, inflation, recession and terrorism.

    Need we say more?

  2. come on Mr. Sreejit, Did BJP govt make any contribution to the development of society?? Did ever any oscar winning movie came out in BJP times!!! Be practical.... you have slumdog, gandhi all during Congress Times and links to Congress basics. Congress definitely has to win..... it is the govt of sufferers and suppressed. Taking care of the suppressed is not appeasement. The other factors mentioned by you has nothing to do with the govt. all the three factors werewell handled by Congress... thats why congress won Delhi...

  3. Dear GoD@007, what exactly is congress's contribution in winning the oscars? if you could elaborate...

  4. @GOD, or wotever,
    Its higgly illogical to argue with u, since one have an argument with a person at same mental level.
    For yr kind info, Sonia Gandhi, MMS, PC Laloo werent the directors of SDM. They were neither the actors nor did they do the music direction. And noone of them have no affiliation the Nehru-Gandhi fly, which is the biggest criterion to be a COng person.
    So how does Congress contribute to SDM. By making sure that slums are preserved so that the Danny Boyle's of the world can show them to the larger audience in the WEST.

    Comment if u must, but then make sure u have yr facts ready. This is not a space for you to clutter with your shit comments.