Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pink Chaddi Campaign

I am sure everyone now knows about the Pink Chaddi Campaign. I can't be more excited about this. There is no more fitting reply to Muthalik than a flood of Pink Chaddis from all over the country. I have joined their facebook group. Although I couldn't send them the chaddi on time, I plan to participate in the Pub Bharo action.

I believe this is the first of its kind of protest taking place in our country where we are not defending any of our actions and openly saying that as "pub-going, loose and forward women" we don't want anyone preaching us what is right or wrong. The word "loose" may be a problem for some but I think the message that we are sending out is that we don't care what you think about us… but you have no business of telling us what we should and shouldn't do. It delights me to see so many men come forward and support this cause.

I hope to see this campaign reach far and wide and leave a lasting impact on our culture and outlook towards women. Also, I hope to see these vanar senas across our nation, die of the stink from our pinkies!!

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  1. I think you are refering to the fall of communism and not colonialism in the late 80s as the USSR fell and the great era of everything "NEO" came, from Neo Kensian to Neo Classical and old wine was suddenly Retro.
    But it was in the mid 90s that Socialism - a milder form of communism as I like to call it, gave way to a mix of consumerism, which is a milder form of capitalism. But still, this is when the country started to realise the tru meaning of democracy. People were free to start businesses and the license raj was over, or so we thought....
    Even today, govt bans export of commodities to stem prices of goods from spiraling out of control. Take cement for example; when cement export was banned it was to keep prices under check, yet the import of cememnt from Pakistan, which is still much cheaper is banned, just because no one looked over it??
    This is just one of many other exaples. India has the world's largest refinery in Gujrat and yet the Indian govt. is afraid to flex its muscles with the international community. Why? Is it because we are still hungover from the fact that everything western is either too modern for us, or too powerful for us to try and voice our opinion.
    I got a lot of words to voice... maybe some other time.