Thursday, February 19, 2009

Politics fixed!

After Cricket fixing, Azharuddin is back in media; now about to join the next best career for him – Politics. Our politicians truly don't know their audience. In a cricket crazy country like ours, I think everyone hates Azharuddin. Why would they vote for him? Or may be they know their audience a little too well. How foolish we-the-people are!


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  2. We all in our life compromise certain vaules. Azhar is the person who has said he suffered because he belonged to some community. Let him fight the elections and win it by his deeds and promises. I am a Big Fan of azhar as a cricketer. He might as well do many good things. A person cannot be bad forever. GoD Bless!!

  3. As a kid I was one of the biggest fans of Azharuddin and my room was filled with his posters at the time when Sachin was a much easier and popular choice. I went to Eden to see him bat live. He was a genius. But then he was tainted with match fixing and my idol worship stopped. I have no more fave cricketers now.

    It wasnt a surprise that he decided to join politics and the choice of his party. Whether he will be a good politician or not that only time will tell. But here in Hyderabad Azzu bhai as he is fondly called has a good fan following.(esp in Old city areas).He might be able to capitalise on that, but he would have lot linen washing to do.

    He is done wrong and suffered for it too(Missed playing his 100th Test, a milestone). Whether he is changed or not,I dont know but shouldnt everyone given a chance for redemption??

    Stop bringing religion/caste into every other walks of life. He suffered because he fixed matches. FYI Ajay Jadeja Manoj Prabhakar were Hindus, Hansie Cronje was a Christian and they all had the same fate.