Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ulta Logic!

This is the height of WTFness! Some BJP leader is talking about why girls should not be going to pubs - "After drinking, boys lose their controls and can be doing anything to girls". When people commit crimes, generally law punishes the criminal. Here somehow the victim is supposed to be under house arrest after 7pm so that the criminals can't commit crimes against them. Raghu does bring this in later in the debate, but this is a point which can't be over emphasized!! For a second if we forget that it is a very accepted norm in our culture to protect girls by restricting them at homes, you would realize how ridiculous this is. How can this old dude make this statement so openly? Oh, guys are guys, they will drink and lose their "controls" and if girls start going to pubs our culture will be compromised. If the guys are losing their "controls" then they should be banned from going to pubs; they should be arrested. That is the role of the law makers and our politicians; not beating up girls.


  1. Superb....I really wished they had the ability to beat up terrorists or at least the willingness. But guess they are too busy Moral Policing

  2. Isn't this so much like the Islamic idea of keeping females under black clothes (burqas) so that men don't get corrupted by looking at them!
    These people are as crazy as Taliban, and obviously our politicians' reaction is dependent on which group shouts the loudest. They assume that that group will not vote for them if they do not support them. BJP is looking more and more dangerous now that Vajpeyi is no more its leader!!

  3. These are just attention grabbing tricks.A few idiots trying to teach culture to a nation of over a billion plus people..they are making a mockery of themself..Look at a few possible situations:
    1.Girls wont go to that guys cant tease them.End to eve teasing?
    2.Marriages will be banned in India.So no more dowry harrasment
    3.No more flights.So no hijacking?

    Once everyone learn to take responsibility of their lives,there is no need for such moral policing.People should know their duties ( and not just their rights).

  4. Hey
    Whenever I read your blogs, I always come across different thoughts on different subjects, And penning down a thought on Woman on ur b'day is quiet briliant.
    When we are talking about equality of woman, these incidents are very sad and shows helplessness of people who do all this.

    Wish a great year ahead......

    keep writing......